Name Points No. of Answers* Description
Genius 15000 50 Users who have been helping others for many, many months, conscientious and very precise, they know their thing. You can expect to get the best of the best of answers from such user.
Ace 3000 15 If from an Expert you can already expect a lot, just think of what an Ace has to offer! These users are constantly active and they have been with us for many months. This should speak for itself!
Expert 1000 10 A perfect user! Verified by many others. The provider of the highest quality of answers.
Virtuoso 500 5 Only users who stand out, who, in addition to high activity, have also excellent reviews and opinions of other users, can obtain this rank. Our users have repeatedly found answers provided by these people to be the best, and that's why you can always expect high quality of answers from them.
Ambitious 250 0 If you need help from someone reliable, someone who has already helped many people, then you can expect all the best from such user: trustworthiness, accuracy and fascination with the world of science.
Helping Hand 100 0 This rank is assigned to people starting the adventure with us, wanting to help others. Seeing someone with this rank, you should think about users who will answer your questions with a smile on their faces.
Beginner 0 0 New users who have still time to prove themselves.